CS Industry Awards 2017

Great substrates and high-quality materials are key ingredients for making state-of-the-art devices. This award aims to showcase breakthroughs in this field, such as increases in the size or crystal quality of substrates, the unveiling of new materials, and the introduction of precursors with greater levels of purity.
Measurements of substrates, epiwafers and devices are essential to manufacturing. This is needed to unveil problems with processes, ensure high yields and enable the delivery of products complying with specifications. This award will be contested by companies that offer specialist measurement services; and manufacturers of metrology equipment that either offer a new insight into materials, or set a new benchmark for the time taken for material characterisation.
Compound semiconductor chips − in the form of lasers, LEDs, solar cells, and power and RF devices – are having an impact in all our lives because they are produced in high-volumes at acceptable prices.This award will highlight the biggest successes in high-volume manufacture, including the tools and fabs delivering very high throughput with high yields, and milestones in product manufacture.
The hallmarks of a great product include an optimally designed chip, housed in a package that propels performance to a new level. This award is open to any company contributing to the manufacture of commercial, packaged chips delivering ground-breaking performance.
It is the great ideas of today that can shape the technology of tomorrow. This award celebrates the success of researchers that are inventing new types of device, or taking existing devices to breath-taking performance levels.

Key Dates 2016/2017

Nominations open 25th November 2016
Nominations close 9th January 2017
Shortlist announced 16th January 2017
Voting opens 16th January 2017
Voting closes 21st February 2017
Winners informed 21st February 2017
Awards ceremony 7th March 2017

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