CS Awards 2024

April 2024

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The shortlist will be announced on 3rd March 2023.

Sales of compound semiconductor chips continue to soar. Now this is being driven by: a tremendous ramp SiC and GaN power devices, which are being deployed in electric vehicles, inverters, power supplies and audio growing sales of many forms of laser, serving in numerous applications the continued success of LEDs, used for lighting our world and substantial shipments of GaAs chips, a crucial ingredient in the latest smartphones.

To showcase the successes of all the companies within our industry - minus whether they supply materials, equipment or software, make chips or package devices - we offer you the CS Industry Awards, which recognise and highlight triumphs in innovation. These awards acknowledge the innovation in our industry, driven by our leaders, our engineers, and those of us that excel in meeting the needs of our customers.

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Recognising Innovation

The CS Awards celebrate what is good about our industry - the leaders, the innovative engineers, and those that excel in meeting the needs of their customers.


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4 Categories

The CS Awards 2024 features 4 categories, providing a wide range of options for organisations and individuals involved in the CS industry to participate.

Maximise Visibility

Free PR opportunities with 5 months of marketing utilising the CS portfolio.

Increased Credibility

An award win, shortlisting or nomination acts as a 3rd party endorsement.


The CS Awards take place at the AngelTech event, which attracts over 700 attendees from the Compound Semiconductor, Photonic Integrated Circuits and Power Electronics Industries.