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COMPOUND SEMICONDUCTOR has a well-earned a reputation for great delivery of timely news, insightful interviews and detailed reports on advances in technology. Via the website and the magazine, this broad platform provides a trusted, balanced source for tracking the biggest developments in our history, including: the growth of the power electronics industry, critical to cutting carbon footprints; the expanding portfolio of lasers; the LED industry, now entering a new phase through the development of microLEDs; and RF devices, critical to mobile communications.

The compound semiconductor community is continually renewed by the efforts of its pioneers. Throughout the next year and beyond, much coverage will be devoted to the development of ultra-wide bandgap materials, such as diamond, AlGaN and Ga2O3; RF devices for 5G and 6G; breakthroughs in photonics, including new VCSEL designs and higher-performing integrated circuits; and advances in power, efficiency and spectral range in the RF.

By reporting on the biggest stories from all over the world for more than 25 years, Compound Semiconductor has a strongly established global presence and readership. The sleek, recently re-designed website delivers daily news, brought together and dispatched to in-boxes in a timely fashion in the form of newsalerts, dispatched twice a week. Features detailing breakthroughs in chip and material technologies lie at the heart of the magazine, which also provides in-depth interviews and exclusive research stories. Within these editions, provided in print and various digital forms, plus the website and Newsalert, are a multitude of options for companies positioned everywhere in the value chain to promote their exceptional products and services.

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